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A.C.E. Language Arts


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I'm looking at ACE English, Word Building, and Literature & Creative Writing. I like that the series goes through high school because several of our current curricula will be ending (K-8) next year. I like the independence factor although I'll be doing the grading and review. I know it's workbooks and fill in the blank but my kids do fine with things like that, like with Hake grammar for example. ACE includes diagramming and I like the scope and sequence as it teaches advanced topics. I feel the same about the spelling, lit., and writing. We'd be adding an online writing class come high school though. Thoughts on ACE LA? Lots of reviews out there and the LA gets the better ones, which is the only thing we'd be utilizing.

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How does it compare to CLE? (Sorry for piggybacking, OP!)



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No problem. From what I've read, CLE is more challenging. I hear of people ditching CLE about 7th because it's overkill and not starting till a bit later because it's too much in the younger grades though, so? That's just what I've gathered online. I did try CLE reading with my kids, and it was hated here. ACE reading looks like it covers similar topics, but perhaps more gently. I like that ACE is color verses CLE being black and white. My son took the ACE LA placement test (7th grade) and it was rigorous. Edited by ifIonlyhadabrain
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