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For my 3rd grader, LA...


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I have been using logic of english foundations A-D and just started Essentials.  we don't like it.  I am considering  RLTL, ELTL, CLE, FLL/WWE, Easy Grammar, IEW bible heros...


as you can see i am floundering :(  i need your help.  i am looking for easy to use, fairly open and go, something that will just get DONE by this busy momma (I have an upcoming 3rd, 2nd, K, and preK next fall).  I like the all-in-one aspect of CLE but I recently looked at it at my homeschool conference and it is just so intense... i would for sure have to put my son in level 2 and i feel like it might just be too much for him.  for that reason i love FLL/WWE due to the nature of the oral discussion, but he really does need written exercises too, he learns best with a combo of auditory/visual.  i am aware FLL 3 has a workbook but we would be starting at FLL 2...


any RLTL users?  how easy is it to use?  do you like it as a spelling program? 


ELTL users?  same question, is it fairly open and go?  i am worried about all the reading... i drop the ball a lot on read alouds (i know...) and i am worried that having to read the chapter will get to be too much...


i was considering the Easy Grammar with IEW or even putting Easy Grammar as a supplement to FLL so he has something to practice... thoughts? 

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