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Childhood OCD

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Hi, I'm new and have been searching for a board to post my thread on and I'm hoping this is the right place.


I believe my almost 7 year old daughter is showing signs of OCD. I have an appointment with a Doctor to discuss it with but I feel totally torn between 'early intervention and overeacting' so if I could explain and if anyone has any experience or input to add I would be grateful.


The behaviour was once shown as a 3 year old - 'have I got a messy face?' concerned constantly that her face was messy and repeatedly asking me. That came and went after a few months so I thought nothing more of it.


In this last 9-12 months I've seen progressive behaviour. It all revolves around her 'personal space'. So her bedroom and bedtime routine involves making sure curtains are in the right way, toys are lined up or hidden away (she actually has toys from Christmas unopened hidden under her bed), she checks drawers are closed properly etc but the main thing is her bed covers! She gets in, checks the covers straightening them out, constantly asking if they are tucked in and then she gets out and we repeat the process a few times. More recently refusing to get into bed as to not mess them up. When she is actually asleep she's in there laid rigid as to not move them and she wakes in the night to sort them out or gets in another bed. No one is allowed in the room, she won't even play in there, if someone goes upstairs to runs up to check they are not in her room. She has given toys to her brother as to not be in her room, she hides washing in other wash baskets not the one in her room and she becomes upset if any of these things happen or don't happen as they should. For herself personally, the messy face scenario has returned and she will not touch her own face unless touching through clothes or with her knuckles not finger tips.


I can talk to her about all this and she knows that her behaviour is unnecessary and she will actually acknowledge that it is but says she has to do them anyway and she gets so angry if not. She once invited a friend for a sleepover, the worry and panic that occurred in the week before! The sleepover didn't go ahead for another reason but I do wonder how she would have handled it. So desperate to have a friend over, yet so distressed by these other things :(


Now, am I thinking along the right lines? or are these things a childhood phase that will pass? I've read some things and I know there is far worse out there so am I overeacting? or acting as I should arranging to see a doctor......


Any advice gratefully received!





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I think you are on the right track, this sounds like typical OCD.


When you see the dr., ask about N-acetyl-cysteine supplementation. Here's some information: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4423164/


It is very safe, my son is taking it. 


One of my children has also been dealing with OCD symptoms, one thing you will want to look into is the possibility of PANDAS/PANS--do you know if your child might have been exposed to strep in the past few months? https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/pandas/index.shtml


Good luck, I know how hard these things are to deal with as a parent and how hard it is to see our children suffer.

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Hi Lyndsey and welcome to the forum,


From what you've described, I would agree that you are thinking along the right lines. As these actions are a strong indication of OCD.

Where basically, actions become associated with anxiety.

So that the particular actions need to be carried out, to try and stop the anxiety.

But they become repetitive, where after carrying out an action. They will become that it wasn't done correctly, and will do it over and over again.

Such as her checking her covers and tucked in, and repeating it.


But it's good that you are able to talk with her about it.

Where it is really an anxiety disorder.   With anxiety being linked to random activities.

Though a CBT cognitive behavioural therapy approach can be used?

Where her acknowledgement, can be turned into observation of these 'actions'?

So that as an observer, she can separate herself from them.

So that she steps back, and observes not being able to touch her own face?


Where she can observe the impulse to carry out an action. But as an observer, to feel separate from it.

Which she can choose whether to join in with, and carry out?


Though Maize asked if she has ever had Strep Throat, as the Streptococcal bacteria, is associated with OCD.

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Thank you - I will have a thorough read on this later.


Quick update, I've been to see the GP and she agrees I was right to go in and discuss things with her. She has asked for a report from her school teacher and health visitor, then a second appointment with my daughter present, then she can make a referral

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