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Can you tell me about Atlanta and housing options?

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Have you tried contacting Emory's housing and ask if they have lists of students trying to sublet for the summer? They might at least be able to point you in the right direction.

This is on my list of things to do in the morning. I just had no idea it would be this difficult or expensive.  I told DH I just might have to take a road trip and check it all out for myself before DS returns from overseas.  :)  Any excuse for an adventure, right?

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Last summer my daughter was interning near a college and she found a website with students subletting. Unfortunately, Stanford's schedule did not match hers, so it didn't work for her. I looked up Emory and found something similar.





It is so stressful... she ended up interning

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Airbnb also has plenty of longer term (by the month) rentals in ATL, I discovered that when I was looking for a place for the weekend. Many of the places I wanted to rent wanted a longer contract than just a week. Make sure you look at proximity to the Marta stations unless you want to keep a car in the city. Good luck!

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