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What is the name of the company that creates an English curriculum for you based on the book(s) you're studying?

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I got a paper, along with my annual evaluation, that gave me a list of home-schooling resources. I don't remember which person did my evaluation, either! One of the resources was the name of a group that, for instance, if I chose to read the book "Anna Karenina", the group would come up with a list of resources (possibly study guides, reading comprehension resources, etc.) that are all centered on the chosen book. I cannot find the list nor the name of this group via the internet for the life of me!


In case you're wondering, I'm looking to organize my English (+ mythology) curriculum around the following books:


The Kojiki and Nihongi

The Bible

The Iliad and the Odyssey

The Mabinogion




Do you know what this group's name might be?

Thank you,

Faith A.

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