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Summer science


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Hi. My 1st grader is quite interested in science & I'd like to have a 'summer of science', if you will. She said she's interested in weather & rocks so I've already procured some resources to delve into those topics. However, I'd like more science topics & resources that appeal to this age (6 yr). I'd also like to teach the scientific method through our explorations. So any thoughts are welcome. Many thanks!


PS We live in the DC area so any science-related day trip ideas would be nice. I've already thought of the Smithsonians & Luray caverns but any other local hidden gems are welcome.

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Hiking at Great Falls would be a good way to show the effect that water has on rocks.


I highly recommend Magic School Bus science kits for summer science at that age. Since Wiz kits are supposed to be good. Lots of fun places to go to start a great rock collection.

Thanks so much for the tips! Yes, we love Great Falls but haven't been there in a bit so thanks for putting that back on my radar. My daughter likes Magic School Bus so I'll explore their hands-on kits. I haven't heard of Science Wiz & will explore their offerings. Do you know of Groovy Lab? Another thread mentioned it & I'd like more information on it for 6 year olds. Now that I think of it, she loves worms & we've had many a 'worm farm' in the past so I believe another one is over-due. Isn't childhood fun? Edited by Earthmerlin
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Anyone have a recommendation on a more powerful lens for the telescope below? Or perhaps an affordable tripod scope? We have recently started looking at the night sky & I'd like to upgrade our starter scope.




Also, I am going to upgrade our pillow globe (a super fun toy) to a child's 1st globe. I saw one on Amazon that also shows the night sky--any thoughts on it? Or any other recommendations on another globe?



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