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Can a dual enrolled biology class count as 4th science?

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My dd has completed physical science, biology, and almost chemistry. I am considering having her dual enroll for her junior and senior year of high school. If she were to take biology as a dual enrolled student would that count as a 4th science? I was thinking maybe it could be advanced biology. Or do you think I could only count one biology? Thanks!

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I would count it as a second biology.  The first is a high school level class while the second is a college level class.  Many students in ps will take a year of biology and then a year of AP biology and that counts as two years of science.  



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I'm in the same boat with dd, whose planning to take bio 9th, chem 10th, then enter a DE program requiring biology and lots of chem.  She will have never had physics!!  But will have more than enough "science".  She had earth science in MS and environmental with some engineering/design stuff, but no physics!  Do you let the physics go?  (That is fine with her, but I'm a bit concerned.  My husband suggests a summer of physics "lite"?) 

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