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Simplest cursive font curriculum... ?

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Most cursive hands ("font" refers to type styles in printed or on-line documents; "hand" refers to hand-written styles) are pretty simple. I have always liked Zaner Bloser, which teaches the different strokes first, then how to use those strokes to write letters.


Spalding and its spin-offs teach penmanship similarly, by first teaching the strokes witch specific instructions (e.g., circles begin at 2 on the clock, go up to 12, over to 9, down to 6, up to 2); they teach manuscript first, then how to connect the letters so it sort of looks like cursive.

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Not necessarily the simplest in appearance, but the simplest way to learn for my crew was handwriting lessons through literature. I really thought my kids would just never be able to write in cursive. The success even extended to the left handed boy who still struggles with manuscript. It is great and it makes sense.

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I ended up getting the Rhythm of handwriting ebook which is perfect for us starting out... And I think we will continue on with Zaner Bloser 2c etc... After that...


Thank you all!


Eta: that lamonator and pro click I bought on clearance years ago are SO paying off lately... :)

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