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Is it necessary to sign up with "collegeboard" ?

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If you want your student to take the SAT or SAT subject tests - yes. That's how registration is handled.

Not sure about AP tests; tests are handled through the school, but designed by CB.

If you want to have syllabi approved by CB, you need an account.


Otherwise, no reason.

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lesson learned - create an alternate email account and use that when you register - DS got a lot of junk email 


I've heard this a few times, but it wasn't our experience. Neither kid got junk mail that could be attributed to the College Board. Neither took the SAT either though (ACT country) so maybe that is the trigger. They did have PSAT, CLEP, and AP scores.

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DdTheYoungest has received maybe 5-6 unsolicited emails or snail mailings. She selects the 'do not share my info' choice on all forms. She also does not have a completely filled-in CB (or ACT, for that matter) profile, just the required items. She has taken SAT, SAT subject tests, PSAT twice, APs, and ACT.


We have learned from her brother's experience :lol:

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