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Social studies and science help

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I could use some feedback on what to choose for middle school social studies and science.


Here is some background info:  My family is Eastern Orthodox Christians (Greek Orthodox specifically).  We have had trouble with some of the Christian based curricula because of the doctrinal concerns that come up occasionally.  I also personally believe in an Old Earth versus a Young Earth, which presents its own set of unique challenges within the Christian curricula.  I was looking into Mystery of History and The Human Odyssey for middle school years 6th through 8th.  I liked the way Mystery of History seemed similar to the Story of the World but it seems to spend a bit more focus on YEC concepts and even doctrinal concepts that I wasn't sure I could easily use the curriculum in our homeschool.  Can I use that curriculum and just skip over some of the lessons that I have issues with and still get a good feel for the curriculum?  How do I avoid the YEC stuff that comes up. 


In line with my background info, what sort of science options would you say I have. I don't necessarily have to follow a Christian curriculum either.

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I would be fine with a secular curriculum and teach church history separately. I haven't heard of History Odyssey.  I took a quick look and it seems interesting.  I want to do a chronological study of history starting in 6th grade with ancient times, 7th grade middle ages and use 8th grade for modern time.  Trying to plan for September...thanks for any help :)

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