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Middle School Grammar for nontraditional learner

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DS will be entering 8th grade this fall.  He has finished up ACE English 6 and is presently working on Kilgallon's Grammar for Middle School, and seems to be doing well with it (he enjoys creative writing).  He is my artsy, creative, and right brain learner, a Wiggly Willy/Sociable Sue type learner, and definitely a big picture learner  He will be taking a format writing class and a literature class as outsourced classes in the fall, but he needs another year of grammar (and maybe some vocabulary/root words work).   He tends  to skip over reading lengthy or detailed directions and is notoriously inattentive to details, so grammar and especially diagramming have been somewhat painful for him.  With persistence and my consistently reteaching concepts (can you say exhausting), he mostly mastered ACE English 6.   But I worry about retention.  He tends to forget easily what he is not reviewing or using.  He likes to work mostly independently, but enjoys interactive software like Teaching Textbooks.  It holds his attention better than a flat dry textbook because he needs to be consistently interacting with the material in order to pay attention it seems.  


Any suggestions for a grammar/vocab program that could meet his needs?


I am considering GrammarKey, Easy Grammar Plus, Merit Software Grammar Fitness, and Michael Clay Thompson (but can one just jump into MCT with no prior exposure to MCT in the younger years?)   I am open to other suggestions.  I dismissed Seton's English 7 for Young Catholics, there are too many pages of detailed instruction before interacting with the curriculum, so I know he would zone out,  and then proceed without reading the directions, and make errors.  He already does this with CLE Math, so I know it is an issue. 



Thanks for any help.



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