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National Latin Exam Results Thread

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Everything went wrong while dd was taking the Latin 2 NLE this year. We were on vacation in Mexico (why oh why does the NLE have to coincide with our college students' spring break?!?) Dd had done a face plant on ocean floor the day before and had sand burn on her face and a black eye swollen almost shut. We were stuck at the kitchen table in the middle of the rental house because it was the only place in the house that had internet. Even there, we were bumped off the NLE website three times. There was a loquacious parrot in the kitchen that wouldn't shut up. The owner of the house decided to stop by and chat (I think she missed her parrot) and everyone else in the family kept coming in asking if dd was finished so we could go play. We were expecting nothing at all. Dd was a little bit sad because her older siblings medaled when they took it. As Mrs. Barr began handing out medals, I reminded her that the situation had been ridiculous - I didn't have my hopes up, and she shouldn't have hers up. Then she interrupted this speech of mine to let me know Mrs. Barr had just announced she had a gold. :tongue_smilie: â€‹

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Where are the Lukeion people getting their results for the NLE?  Mine took the NLE through Lukeion but as far as I know we haven't heard anything about their results yet...  Did I miss something?


They were announced in class. You'll get the award in the mail later.

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