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older versions of Essentials in Writing....

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Hoping someone can confirm or correct my information. 


The changes I heard about from original to current (2015-16) are:

*instead of called "grade" it is called "level"

*cover art

*pdf files are not on the discs but are emailed (download?)


in terms of content

*they made corrections to typos

*as far as I ever heard, they did not go back and re do the video lessons, so the content can't really be all that significantly different in the workbook.


I still have our completed papers from my dd's using a level a few years back with the older (2011) version and am comparing it to the online sample of that same level which says it was revised in 2013...   The noticeable differences are the formatting of the table of contents.  Current version is more appealing to look at.  and with headings.  looks like a printing error was cleaned up.   The content looks so close to the same that I would think one would be able to buy the current workbook with older dvd.



oh, one new thing but this isn't content change.  They now offer scoring (grading) service for high school levels. (edit: as an addition purchase from the program)


hopefully someone can confirm or correct my info.  Maybe there was a level that had something significant.  Maybe not.

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this was very helpful.  I think since I am looking at a HS level program, I am going to go with the newer version...and because my kids will have done the newer version for  about 2 years prior...using an older version after that might look like a step down....and we are getting great momentum after having great disasters in the writing department...I don't want to mess with that. 



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