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After Ivy and Bean

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The Ivy and Bean series has been what's gotten my dyslexic 9 1/2 yo dd to finally start reading independently.  And after all our hard work this year, they're now too easy.  Not that I want to take a big jump up since this is for independent reading.  What book or series would you recommend next?  She also loved (listening to the audiobooks) "Matilda" by Roald Dahl, the entire Ramona series, the entire Henry Huggins series and the "Ralph and the Motorcycle" books.  It will probably still need to be fairly straightforward vocabulary-wise (grade three-ish?) and she seems like to real life kind of stories as opposed to fantasy or history.  Suggestions?

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My daughter is pretty much the opposite -- she likes fantasy a lot better than real life stuff -- but some series she liked, that might fit:


*About the same reading level as Ivy & Bean: Horrible Harry, Judy Moody, Junie B., and Nancy Clancy chapter books 

*SLIGHTLY ( only 1-2 grade levels up) higher than Ivy & Bean:Encyclopedia brown, Amelia Bedelia chapter books, Goony Bird 

*Others that have a slight (but not entirely) fantasy element: The Littles (mid third grade level), Flat Stanley chapter books


Of those, Judy Moody, Junie B., Nancy Clancy, and Goony Bird  all have that "school age girl" as main character thing that Ivy & Bean has.


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My dd also loves Ivy and Bean (and Ramona and Henry and Ralph). She is also reading The Boxcar Children series and just started Sew Zoey series (loves) and American Girl books. The Penderwicks (mentioned above) is also a favorite, but we mainly listen to those on audio.

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My 8 year old went from Ivy&Bean to Ramona. She loves funny books. Other favorites for her have been:

The Best Christmas Pagent Ever and it's sequels

How to Eat Fried Worms

Wayside books

13 Story Treehouse books

Mrs. Pigged Wiggle



She has also enjoyed a lot of Dick King Smith's books. They are funny but have animals as the characters.

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