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Average time allotted for each subject

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I'm curious to know what are your expectations of your students to complete each subject. Like a range of time. I understand that each student will have their own challenges and then also that each subject requires a different amount of time to invest in it. SO, with all of that in mind, what would you guess for the following subjects. I'd love to hear (read) what others have thought about and then possibly if your expectations were spot on or totally unrealistic. My daughter is at the end of 6th grade and almost 12 years old. So, my point is that she's average, not behind and not far ahead either. Here are my guesses or expectations.


Math - 1 hour per lesson / 5 days a week

Science - 45 minutes per lesson / 5 days a week

Language Arts - 1 hour per lesson / 5 days a week

History - 1 hour of reading / 5 days a week

Art or Music - free time / at least 1 hour / 3 days a week


Thanks!! Michelle

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My 6th grader


Math - 1 hour daily including weekend (actual 1-4hrs weekdays depending on his mood)

Science - 6hr a week which includes a 3hr weekly B&M class (actual < 6hrs)

Language Arts - 5 hours a week (actual, never keep track)

History - we do in summer

Art - we do in summer

Music - 30mins daily practice time, music theory class in summer

Language other than English (LOTE) - 5hrs weekly per language which includes a 2hr B&M weekly class

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I don't like to think about time. DS has picked programs that sufficiently challenge him, that he's interested in and we generally keep working until either our collective brains are fried or there's a natural stopping point (and I feel we've done enough).  The only thing I like to do is think of the big picture, starting at the end of high school and the workload I would expect him to have in order to be prepared for college.  Then I work backwards and say 9th grade is when it gets serious, but middle school work will prepare him for that.  And if he's a newly-minted adolescent space cadet in 9th, then ms is even more important and that means that late elementary needs to have the foundation built (not necessarily the workload) so that he doesn't struggle with things he shouldn't. Ya know, if DS is going to go climb a mountain - quite possibly the most important mountain in his life - then if we spend 5 hrs a day researching flashlights in order to get him the best one, then that's what we will do. And if it takes a 30 minute trip to the store to get appropriate clothing, that's ok too.  But he will be prepared to climb.


But if you are asking, DS is finishing up 3rd and for the most part, this is the time spent each day -

Math 1hr

Foreign Languages 1-1.5hr

Science is about 45min a few days a week

English is 30m-1hr

History is about 45 minutes... when we do it

Music is 2-3 hours


But this is hardly set in stone.  For example, Thursday and Friday we didn't do any school in favor of 4 hours of music (judged event on Saturday).

This time also does not include the speeches/papers he writes for co-op public speaking nor any reading that he does.

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Preface: My expectation was that DSs would continue to progress each year. Time was not how I scheduled things, but time did play in to our homeschooling due to one DS's low threshold -- after a certain amount of time, esp. in his LD areas (Math, Writing, Spelling, and somewhat with solo reading due to Stealth Dyslexia), he would burn out and that would be the end of formal academics. On those days, we either had to set the rest of school aside, or sometimes we could still do History/Science as long as it was more informal, me reading aloud, and lots of experiments or educational videos. Fortunately about 6th grade, he was starting to see some forward progress in those LD areas, so wall-hitting happened less frequently.



This is going to vary SO widely, depending on student's abilities, both academically and "tolerance" for concentrated work, but also on how "interested" are they in schooling and how much of a fight is it to just get a basic amount of work done -- or does the student LOVE to learn and ask for more. It also is going to vary widely depending what curricula you're using and how time-intensive it is.


For 6th grade, VERY roughly, we worked about 4.5 to 5 hours a day, 4 days a week, with the 5th day for homeschool group and outside activities, with maybe an hour needed for any catch up of work not done in the week. It was the last year we could fully do a 4 day a week schedule, as we had to start scheduling a half day of work on that 5th day starting in 7th grade.


Our times are probably slightly below "average". Neither DS cared much about doing school all through the years, no matter what I used or how interesting I made it, plus one had LDs which meant he only had limited "brain battery energy" for academics each day. It's just what we could manage.


On the other hand, I'm not counting the nightly family read aloud time, or all of the educational games we did, or all of the videos, documentaries, science shows, etc. that we watched on a regular basis, so there you go… ;)




- 30 min/day = Bible/Devotionals

- 15 min/day = Together Time (misc. things)

- 35-45 min/day = Math

- 90 min/day (approx) = Lang. Arts:

     Lit/Reading = 40 min/day

     Writing = 20-30 min/day

     Spelling (for DS with LDs) = 15-20 min/day -- 5 min/day (DS with no LDs)

     Handwriting (for DS with LDs) = 10 min/day



- 45-60 min/day = Science

- 45-60 min/day = History



- 20 min/day = Grammar

- 10-15 min/day = Logic/Critical Thinking



- 15 min/day = Geography

- 15 min/day = Vocab (roots program)



- 15 min/day = Art/Music appreciation

- 30-60 min/day = catch-up time (whatever work was not finished earlier in the week)

- 2-3 hours/day = homeschool group: extracurriculars / field trips / social / etc.

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For oldest in 6th was roughly

75-90 min math

30-60 min reading/lit

30-45 min writing, grammar, spelling

30-45 min Leadership course

30-45 min history/science (one or the other)


So 3.5-4.5 hrs 4 days per week (co-op one day). There were extra things like piano, music theater, Lego League, Science Olympiad that all required time as well.


DS finishing 4th does about:

60 min morning basket

60-75 min math

30-60 min writing, grammar, memory work

20-30 min Latin


90-120 min personal study time (including history, science, programming, hand work, and other sundry things).


So about the same overall time.

Plus extracurriculars.

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My dd is in fifth this year. We don't have set in stone times, but it generally averages out to approximately-


5x per week

Math-30-45 min (CLE 5)

LA (spelling, grammar, root words, writing)-45-60 min (IEW, Fix-It, Language Mechanic, Red Hot Root Words, Rummy Roots, spelling pulled from grammar/writing)

History and literature-20-30 min (SOTW and coordinating literature, right now it's Robin Hood)

Reading-2-4 hours. Other than history literature, I don't assign any reading because she reads at a high level and enjoys challenging books. She reads on her own for hours per day.



3x per week

Science-coding class-1 hour, nature studies class-1.5 hours, at home science-30 min (Mr. Q chemistry)

Logic-15-20 min (Logic Safari and Logic Liftoff)

Geography-30 min (this is mom-made using a variety of sources)

Memory work-5-10 min


1x per week

STEM club

Presentation club


She has a ADD/executive function difficulties and a heavy gymnastics schedule, so that factors in to our shorter days. I tend towards a more CM bent with short, efficient lessons and hours of outdoor time daily. We do almost no busy work-we all hate it lol.

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