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Good instant coffee brand?


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From time to time I see a recipe that calls for instant coffee.   I bought a jar once, just regular grocery store stuff, and the taste was terrible to me, so I assume I would not want to use it in a recipe.  Well, sometimes I use a little bit when I'm making brownies, as the flavor doesn't really come through.  But sometimes the coffee is more the featured flavor, so I want something good.


I had some espresso powder from King Arthur a few years ago, but it is expensive (partly because of shipping cost).


So, what brand of instant coffee do you like?


Please note that I despise the taste of Starbucks.  :-)


Thank you!

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Nescafe - many flavors but cheapest is fine for baking

UCC - the pricier one for drinking, the cheaper one for baking

Jacobs - gold cap for drinking, green cap (cheaper) for baking



Nescafe has singles packet version so if you don't use instant coffee often, a box of single serve packets for about $2 might work.

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Ferrara or Medaglio D'Oro are good for recipes and are usually pretty easy to find. They're as good as the King Arthur IME.




I know I've bought Ferrara at Whole Foods. I can't remember where else I've seen it. 


For brownies, I will also use leftover coffee in place of the water called for in the recipe. :)

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