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Favorite Twaddle-free websites for 11 and 6 yo?

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My boys, especially the 11 year old, are wanting to spend more time "playing" online.  So far he googles interesting things (trees!) and visits "kizi" that he remembers from second grade in public school.  To me, kizi seems awful and I have tried directing him toward some Clickschooling websites, but he is so resistant if he thinks it is educational!


So far, I have:


Kahn Academy


Dance Mat Typing


and, we bought an ASK Science kit, which I think will lend some ideas.


Thanks in advance for any ideas@ :coolgleamA:

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Apps are easier for that. Dragonbox, etc


But uh well let's see. PRODIGYmath is for fun and is legit.


CK12 is overtly educational, but they still may enjoy it




For coding, they could do scratch or code.org or codeacademy


123 circuits for electronics


PBSkids.org might be too twaddly for you or too young for your 11 y/o, but my kids love it.


There's an insane amount of cool stuff to read on wikibooks


BBC body


Biology questions and answers


NASA math

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