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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!


We might be going on a tour of the UGA research gardens today. Right now we're waiting on the weather to see if it is going to happen.



breakfast and lunch for dh (Unfortunately, dh's breakfast got left behind!) 

he fed the cats



To Do:

see if field trip is happening 

pack lunches if it is

tidy house 

go on field trip

take ds to homeschool skate day

bring ds and a friend back home for the afternoon


take friend back home

make plans to do something Saturday (first day of dh's spring break)


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Man, I feel so much better this morning.  Nothing like an interrupted night's sleep!




phone calls

some housework (especially bathrooms and bedrooms)


Mass at noon

take 14 yo to math tutor

p/u from math tutor

figure out something for dinner


Hope everyone has a happy Friday!

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Today is BEAUTIFUL.  Crazy - but beautiful.


The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my kids are going to spend HOURS playing outside. :)


My middle girls are making pancakes and blueberry syrup.  I'm studying for a medical terminology exam (and playing on here.)  DS is at class.  DD is getting ready to leave for class.  Life is humming.



School as a group 'cuz Mama has two short papers to write.

Pick up DS

Get laundry out on the line!

Figure out my stinkin' camera.  

Figure out something for dinner?

Run to campus this afternoon and take an exam.


Resist the temptation to go grocery shopping.


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Not a great day so far.  I couldn't sleep all night, until about 15 minutes before wake-up time.  :/  One of my kids claimed to be too sick to go to school.  She did have a hot forehead, but she seemed awfully perky as soon as it became too late for me to change my mind.  :/  I am ignoring her because I have my own issues.  I went back to bed from about 8am to 11am.


I posted about my physical stuff today so I won't get into it here.  Not a lot of pain and suffering today, just a lot of inconvenience and annoyance.  :P


I have several things I want to finish work-wise today before we go for our Friday dinner out.  So far I have been very unproductive, so we'll see how that goes.


I want to practice our TKD form with the kids today so we can pass our belt test tomorrow.  I also want to find a strategy to enable me to survive the belt test given my physical issue of the day.


The kids usually do gymnastics on Friday afternoons, but with one kid being sick I think we will skip it in favor of the TKD practice at home.


Supposedly my other kid is at school doing her talent show audition about now.  I am sending good vibes.  She also claimed sickness this morning, but the audition motivated her to go to school anyway.


The other thing we have tomorrow is a soccer game.  We are supposed to be on the other team's field at 8:30am.  If all of us are sick, that's going to be interesting.  If things are bad enough I will skip the soccer game and just save our energy for the TKD test.  I really don't want to miss the TKD test [again].

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