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Posting here is better than throwing our (heavy) chemistry book


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right at dh, right? 


I was helping dd with an interactive review, and a few things weren't addressed clearly in the book. In one case, the table for looking a certain thing up seemed to be missing entirely, so we were looking up other sites for additional information and clarification. 


dh walked by, and we asked for his opinion on one topic, showing him the extra info we found. A few minutes later, we asked him if he knew how to solve a certain problem, bc we weren't having much luck, and he said, I kid you not, I don't think it helps to sit here guessing. 


Guessing?? Are you kidding me? Isn't spending an extra hour looking for clarification and true understanding the opposite of guessing? 


And then says to look up the proper charts and such if they are missing . . . dude, that is what we are doing! Pay attention! 


Even if he somehow missed that we were doing exactly that, he's been watching us homeschool for well over a decade. It's pretty insulting to think that we would be sitting there guessing at answers in science class. 




/rant over 


(for now) 

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