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Accredited vs. Unaccredited transcript in Georgia

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I know there are so many posts about accreditation and they've been very helpful.  We were going the unaccredited route (why should I pay someone a lot of money to keep track of something that I could do on my own)....until we started looking into colleges with my dd who is finishing her junior year of high school.  I have found that the private colleges do not have any problems with a homeschooled student with an unaccredited transcript.  But the public colleges (University of Georgia and Auburn) look at me funny when I ask the admissions about unaccredited transcripts.


I'm not worried about her getting accepted.  She would like to apply to the Honors program and I would like her to look as competitive as possible for this as well as any scholarship opportunities.


Anyone have experience with applying to universities with an unaccredited transcript?  Or if you have gone the accredited route, how do the admissions people know if your curriculum is rigorous if you've never taken classes with the "umbrella school" you're accrediting with but it shows up on your transcript?


Trying to decide what to do!

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It seems like from what I've heard UGA is the biggest problem with non accredited.  

So far I have not heard of a non accredited homeschooler being accepted there as a Freshman.  I would love to hear of someone who has.


I believe Auburn has a homeschool recruiter, but UGA does not.


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