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Where to purchase Zumdahl Chemistry

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I've finally decided on using Zumdahl Chemistry for next year.  Yay!  Making the decision is half the battle :)


It is between Introductory Chemistry and World of Chemistry.  It really depends on where I can get both the textbook as well as a solutions manual.


So far, the only places I've seen them is on Amazon, and other versions on EBay.


If you've purchased Zumdahl Chemistry, whatever version you used (much to my dismay, there are several !!), could you share where you purchased?  Just want to make sure I check out the different sources first.





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have you tried abebooks?


As with any such textbook: get the oldest edition available, it will be way cheaper than the current one


ETA: if you cannot get a solution manual: cheating websites like chegg have all solutions for all major textbooks. Unfortunately.

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I'll check out Abe books, thanks regentrude!


I was wondering why Chegg kept popping up during my search for a solutions manual.  I just went on the website and turns out, they do have the solutions manual to both versions and more.  Goodness...times have changed! 





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I bought mine from Amazon.  I had to use more than one seller at the marketplace so the shipping added up.  If you are a prime member, you can see if any are fulfilled by amazon (if you like the price).  You might also check Better World Books.  I just bought our physics resources from BetterWorld.  Free shipping is a nice advantage at BWB.  I did find some study guides at our local Half Price Bookstore.  They also have an online store.

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