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Is there an online middle grades friendly Latin or French class?

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I am looking for an interesting online middle grades Latin class for my will be 6th grader.  The Lukion project is beyond him at this age. it isn't for other kids, but it is for him. Latin is something I value, but it's a low priority for him. There would be no benefit in trying to push him to take it up a level without a commitment from him. He has no interest in the national exam, for example. He's just not engaged with it at that level.


We'll get through almost all of Lively Latin book 1 by the end of this year (June). But, if the online class is engaging, I don't care if it means starting at the beginning again. He has a strong grounding in grammar (FLL 1-4 and R&S 5 so far) and he is a strong reader and writer.


at the same time....


He says he wants to learn French. I can't teach French. Maybe if he was having fun with an online beginner French class, continuing with Lively Latin would seem less onerous?  He is taking Expository Writing 1 at TWTMA and will be taking level 2 next year.  I know they offer a French 1, but when I looked at it, it seems geared toward older kids..maybe more of an 8th grade thing? 


Anything come to mind for either? I know I keep stressing the 'fun' aspect, I promise my kid is quite capable of working hard, it's that I am trying to get him a liiiitle more engaged with world languages.

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My 13-year-old DD is taking High School Latin II from CLRC.  Dr. Van Fossen is an excellent teacher.  She is very thorough, but she is also very good at engaging the students and having fun.  I would HIGHLY recommend her.  If you have any questions about placement, she is very good about returning emails and answering questions.  If your student has a good background in Latin, I would not be concerned about jumping in to the high school level courses.  The age range in my DD's class, for example, is 11 to 17.  CLRC also offers Latin classes targeting younger students, but I am not familiar with that instructor.  She may be fabulous; I just don't know.

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CLRC has French again this year. I like the book that the teacher chose for French 1. DD took a sample class with her, but since French 3 is not yet available, we went with Landry (plus doesn't hurt I got cheap credits to use this year). I find that CLRC is very accommodating because class size is small and Anne Van Fossen is very responsive to feedback.  


Mr. G's class is fun because Mr. G is a charming teacher. I enrolled DD when she already had 1 semester of French with CLRC. It was basically all review. There are a lot of kids in the class, and although not everyone volunteers to speak, the student may not have many opportunities to speak during each class. 


ETA: For a student who is not sure if French is right for him or her, Mr. G would be a good class to start out with since he seems really relax about homework (DD didn't do any, attended more for the entertainment aspect of the class). He uses Discovering French and Landry uses the same series or same but different edition. 



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