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Conceptual physics co-op labs

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Our co-op is considering a physics lab class next year based off of the high school conceptual physics book. Can anyone who has used the book recommend a way to structure 18 classes using this book? Any great lab resources? Kits? Printables for lab reports? A possible weekly schedule would be helpful as well.


Does the conceptual physics academy self study class work with the high school book? Wondering if we shoukd recommend that as a possibility for them.


This class will be offered for grades 8-12, and we are planning on using this book because of the varied math levels the students will have. Any thoughts would be appreciated.




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Here's a resource for some free labs that go with Conceptual Physics. I tend to like many of these better than the lab book the goes with the textbook.




Be sure to open the student and teacher pdf pages that go with each lab. While this isn't a complete list of labs for all topics, it is a great resource.

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I used the text with a local class that met every other week for lab work (18 or so local class meetings), but I also added in a website with extra materials and tests/quizzes to keep the course moving along and increase accountability in between meetings. That morphed into what I am now teaching completely online. 


I use the 3rd edition text...is that what you are using? I think there is a newer edition, so I'm not sure if my schedule would even line up with yours. I think Mr. Hewitt changed the order of the chapters at one point. You can pm if you want to, and I'll give you a rough sketch of what/when I teach (I don't teach the entire book). 


You will have to do more descriptive/observational labs if you want to limit the math involved. But you can still find some decent ones that will be rewarding for the kids. One of my favorite sources of labs is http://jabryan.iweb.bsu.edu/lowcostphysics/, but there are lots of others...just google to find out. If you do projects in class, you could spread those over several coop meetings. By projects, I mean things like roller coasters, bridges, electric motors, or even more science-fair type projects. http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/Intro-Physics.shtml


HTH some!



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