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I want to help a wonderful mom homeschool her boy

Chris in VA

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Does anyone have resources for homeschooling speakers of other languages? Df new son has little English and is not retaining letters well (has a different alphabet in native language). I was thinking maybe using Montessori sandpaper letters, along with non-worksheet ideas (do-a-dot letters, tactile stuff, that sort of thing). He's about 8 I think. Active and passionate, from what I hear.


Also, how to support older, teen girl in her homeschooling? Also a non-native English speaker (she has lots of English, though).


Brainstorm with me?

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Shiller math has a new language arts program, but Brilliant Minds has one that's about half the cost.  Montessori based, both of them.  There are also apps to assist.  I'd get it down to the basics: no alphabet names, no upper case letters, no forming letters poorly with other methods (like dots).  Straight up phonics.  He may be a good candidate for 100 EZ lessons done in a more tactile way.  I may also throw in ASL for a 'bridge': learn the sign with the word in his native language, and then the sign with the word in English.

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Logic of English starting with A for the small guy.

Lots of starfall.com, Leap Frog Letter Factory, and tracing letters- no dots! Use outline letters or print in light grey for tracing.


Essentials for older girl. Books- even simple ones.


Lots of closed captioning tv shows.




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