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I was going to go with Wayfarers for Middle Ages next year. My kids will be first and third grades. But after looking at it quite a bit, I'm just feeling stressed out. I'm not much of a STOW fan, so we've been listening to CHOW on audible. I think what I want to do for next year is continue with that, but plan ahead for additional read alouds and a few hands on projects.


First of all, has anyone done this already? If I don't have to reinvent the wheel that would be great.


Second, what were your kids favorite Middle Ages books and activities?


I'm totally knew to teaching history and (embarrassingly) don't have a great grasp on what happened and when. So if anyone wants to give me a very brief Middle Ages rundown I would really appreciate it. And millions of extra bonus points for whoever can help me plug some of these ideas into the timel!


I want the kids to enjoy history, and I think it would be too stressful to have boxes to check every day. I hope that planning ahead like this and creating some sort of checklist for us to work through will be the answer.

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We used CHOW with both of my daughters when they were younger. I could never find materials that worked for us, we are very Charlotte Mason/Classical leaning, and I ended up writing out my own plans. I did publish a guide for CHOW. It's divided into three sections, with the middle section focusing on the medieval and renaissance time period. I have a list of carefully selected books to correspond with all of the chapters, narration suggestions and suggestions for other activities. My website has the links needed for these additional activities and these activities are scheduled in the guide, corresponding to the appropriate chapters.


If you download the sample for CHOW, it will include the book lists for each section and if you go to the website under Resources, Year Two, you will find links for additional resources (coloring pages, etc. ) and activities.



You can find the sample here:





And the links for the resources are here:





This will give you ideas for books and resources that will line up with the chapters in CHOW. Hope this helps! :)

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Have you checked out the Guesthollow site?


Also, K12 grade 2 history covers Middle Ages in a fun way. But probably not what you were looking for...




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