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Really need help with 9/10th grade English

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I am trying to decide if I should just add composition to what we have, or purchase an entire English course.


Son has been taking a world history and lit class all year. It continues next year. It is full of wonderful books that I often see on the lists for English. It uses Notgrass World History plus the teacher has added a bunch.


Should I just add composition? I suspect it would be too much to add an entire English program for the year that comes with Lit. Or should I try to do a complete English program? 

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How much writing does he do for the world history and lit class? 


If you don't feel it's enough, each semester you could add writing assignments for two or three of the lit books he reads for the class. There are services that will grade them/provide feedback on his essays/papers, if you want outside evaluation.

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