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We have an opportunity to buy shares in a dairy farm.....

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and get one or half gallon of milk each week (paying $15 or $8 per week maintenance). This is an organic dairy farm and it supplies raw milk.


What are the pros and cons of raw milk? Would we have to boil it ourselves or just drink it as is?




P.S. How much is a gallon in litres?

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When I lived in the far East, the only milk I could get was raw milk. Tried boiling it at home, and it tasted *awful*. Here in the U.S., I think the whole point of getting raw milk from an organic farm is to drink it raw (unboiled). However, there is a lot of controversy about it. A lot depends on how clean the farm and workers are, because it is very easy to contaminate milk.

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Have you searched this board and read the recent discussions about raw milk? Those conversations are worth reading. Some people will point you to the Raw Milk/Weston A. Price Foundation site. I have reservations about the site myself so I suggest you take it with a grain of salt. I do believe there are many health advantages to raw milk; my husband and boys drink it and in Switzerland, it's common practice that people who live on or near dairies drink raw milk. Having said that, I wouldn't buy raw milk that we didn't produce ourselves.


Btw, if you're willing, would you pm me with the name of the dairy you're looking at?

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