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AP Testing Schedule

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This year dd will be taking her first AP exams and has two scheduled on the same day.  The school has said that all the paperwork will be done in the first half hour that she is there and that she doesn't have time to leave in between the two exams.  Naturally, we'd prefer that she have a break even if it's just to step outside and talk to us in the parking lot and have a quick lunch.  I don't want to irritate the school so figured I'd ask you all here whether this is reasonable or if we should let it slide.  


On the AP site it says that some exams are two hours and others are three.  Even if the morning session is three hours, she should be done by 11:00, right?  And, if they want her back at 11:30 to fill out paperwork, she'd still have time to step outside and relax a little, right?  


How many kids generally will take back to back tests?  I think most will be taking one or the other and she'll be sitting there by herself anyway for a half hour.



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My son had back-to-back exams twice. He and the others ate lunch between.


I'd ask the school what they are doing for students in that situation. She may be the only one her day, but I expect there to be other kids taking 2 exams on one day.


Dd will be taking 2 exams on the same day but at different schools 10 minutes apart :eek: She will be cramming lunch into her mouth during the drive!

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