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Could you live with an iPad in place of a computer?

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Here's one example of why I'd go with a laptop:  My wife is a gamer. DD is also a gamer. My wife told us, a few days ago, what she wants for her Birthday/Mother's Day.  Peripherals for Simulator Games she wants to play. She has a PC to install the Games on and connect the Peripherals to.  There are tons of other examples of things you can do on a PC that you cannot do on a Tablet.  Today you might think a Tablet can do everything you can think of doing, but if in the future you have a new requirement the Tablet cannot do, then you need a Laptop or Desktop computer.  GL

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Thanks for your input! I appreciate that there are things I definitely need to consider. Gaming is certainly not an issue for me as I have never played any type of video/computer games. I DO have a couple of games I play regularly on my iPad, although that really isn't affecting my decision since I own, and will continue to own, an iPad anyway.


I guess the thing is that over the last year or two, I have used my computer less and less and my iPad/iPhone more and more. That's why this is something I'm even considering.

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Stacey I do not play games on computers, tablets, or phones, but when I researched the 2 things my wife wants for her Birthday (hopefully we can find the 2 items in BestBuy or WalMart in Orlando when we are up there) and I looked at the games listed as compatible, I told her about one I would like to try.  She'd also looked at that game...  So, I may try gaming...

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