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Ds just finished Jacobs' algebra and started the geometry book. Dd did this more than a year ago and I think she did problem sets 1 and 2. She's not a mathy person but did fine. So what is the recommendation for which problems to do? The note from Jacobs recommends taking a selection of problems from sets 1 and 2, and grant extra credit for set 3 problems done correctly. A selection of set 1 and 2 problems? Not all of them?



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Gardenschooler, do you do a lesson per day or do you really follow what Dr. Callahan's syllabus says? For instance, in week 6, the students only do two lessons, but in week 19 he schedules 7 lessons plus an algebra review. Additionally, I see he doesn't use the summary and review lessons, which were quite helpful for dd...she needed the review and additional practice.

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The review lessons are scheduled as the tests, if you look at the syllabus on the site.


We have just been following it, because we are pretty bogged down with chemistry and Latin and literature. I do add a few more problems (or we just go over some that weren't assigned together).


I assumed the weeks that have fewer lessons assigned had something either more difficult or probably new material to the student. We'll see how it goes - if a week is too heavy, I'll spread it out to two. The schedule only runs for something like 24 weeks, so that will be easy enough to do. We also might do the chapter that he skips, but we'll figure that out when we get there.


I'm just letting geometry be the easy subject for now. I have bigger worries (like getting those chemistry formulas to gel in dd's brain).

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