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s/o Timelines -- Timeline Software or App?

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DS10 is dysgraphic and finds writing intolerable. We are getting him a laptop (Windows based) and transitioning all of his work to computer-based. I would like for him to do a timeline next year for history. Do you know of any timeline software or apps? It needs to be pretty simple to use, and preferably have the ability to accept graphics (cut and paste-type things). I'd like something he can work on and then print out at the end of the year/semester.

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We got TimelinerXE from Tom Snyder software years ago and did some wonderful timelines using it. But it is pretty old, and I am not sure it's had an major revisions. Now I see lots of timeline programs and apps, many of them free. If I we're looking how, I would check them out first. One example:




This is what we have



This is the same software, but the site says it's free?



Although I like apps, timelines are something I think work most easily on a computer, because it is easier to drag pictures and other media into the timeline via computer.


Btw, I would suggest getting the Homeschool in the Woods timeline figures. It takes more time than you might imagine to locate images, label, resize and drag into timeline.


This is just my opinion, but I like computer timelines for short projects and paper timelines for ongoing projects. Every time you add an event, you have to start reprinting if you want to update computer based timeline. For paper, you just glue or write.

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