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What TO buy for DS7

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Dear all, my Ds7 is being borred with his old toys. At this moment he only loves to play Kapla . I stopted buying cars and trains because he only plays 1 day with them and then he wont even look at them . After our schoolday we take my boys outside to play but at home DS7 always tell me that he feels borred . So I need to buy new toys which he can play without me . DS loves my tablet , and building things . Please help me :-)

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What would he do if you tell him to play with his Kapla when he says he is bored?


Lego Technics are a hit with my boys for open ended building.


Minecraft is run on creative mode on tablets and its cheaper on tablets. However my DS10 gets screen addiction so we have to ration screen time.

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snap circuits

Lego technic


wooden model kits

science kits


you could get him into stop motion animation using his Legos or kapla blocks as subjects


what about audio books to listen to? my ds listens as he plays.

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all of the above are great suggestions, including letting him be bored sometimes.

Here are some other ideas:

pixy cubes or tangrams

aso blocks (these are a Japanese toy - but it has a lot of little parts so it may not be a good fit for your family)



origami / paper airplanes

whittling or soap carving

finger knitting or some other kind of fiber arts

chess (can learn and play on the tablet)

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Stack of Aladdin cards (dollar store has plenty) to build paper structure, similar in concept to kapla planks.


Platonic solids using cards



Architecture using cards



Dominos were a hot favorite too both for building fortresses for lego minifigures and playmobil figures and for building domino runs. We buy the mexican domino trains sets when they go under $10 at Target or TRU



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I have a 7 yo boy that won't play with toys... But he does play with the dogs, mud, and is recently really interested in drawing.... Dress up and role play is recently really important to him... We live rurally so that makes it easier...

Legos, knight figures, audiobooks...


For his next bday we are going to try to get him magnatiles...

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