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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Call orthodontist re: the spacer fell out again

Call therapist to change appointments

Call OT to cancel three appointments

Take kids bowling

Watch 1 hour of videos for my online class

Bike for 1 hour

Do school with DS8

Read to DS4

Read to DS2

Plan dinner (this should probably be at the top of the list)

Make dinner

Cub Scouts

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Before I even got started on my day, I grew my list by 3...


I grabbed my little mocha pot to make a new pot of coffee, not knowing someone had made coffee (but didn't finish coffee), and thereby spilled half a pot all over my kitchen counter, floor, cabinets and self... (project #1, clean up coffee).


I grabbed the over-full organic trash (compostible) bin, and somehow manage to dump the contents all over the kitchen (I was moving it to the table, but hit the table...some of the contents went out over the table and beyond, while the remainder dumped on the chair and the floor)...(project #2, clean up that mess)


Boo got sick, all over the bed, floor, clothing and self.


At this point, I was ready to just go back to bed!  But, I got myself cleaned up, Boo cleaned up, and then started my "to do list" for the day:


1) Laundry (two loads are hanging, one is washing, one more to wash before I leave this afternoon -- also folded/put away 3 loads)

2) Go over plan for the week, make daily lists (cleaning, appointments, etc.)

3) School

4) Dog food prep for the week (mostly just make sure it's thawed)

5) Sweep/pick up trash that's blown into my yard...dream about getting massive weeds out of yard.

6) Drive to base (son has a meeting, I have two back-to-back meetings)

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Somehow last night I managed to set my clock wrong.  Our lights had gone out for a while so I had to adjust the time, but somehow adjusted to be one hour earlier than it really was.  So woke up at 5:30 when I meant to wake up at 6:30.  Was soooo confused when I came downstairs and all the clocks seemed an hour ahead!!!!!


Anyway,  also woke up to the fact that I really, really need to go shopping - no cat food, no bread, no coffee. . . .


But I volunteered to take a mom who doesn't have a car to an early appt this a.m.  So I'll do that - might be able to do stop gap shopping on the way home.  Kids get to sleep in as a result.


Home again - do academics with kids (breakfast school, math, science, history, Latin)

bake cake for my 21 year old (as of today!)

prep for RE class tomorrow

Not sure about dinner - birthday boy is going out with his oldest sister and b-i-l to celebrate (they are buying him a beer).


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Good morning, all!


Woohoo for Spring break, Jean!  :hurray:

Lisa, I hope your day gets much, much better after such a rough start!   :grouphug:  


Quiet day here, hopefully.




Call theater and pay for tickets.

Roast a chx. 


Take a walk?After dinner, with Dh.

Mail a check.

Put Easter things back in the attic.

Call park to reserve a picnic shelter. No answer at the parks and rec dept. 


Dinner - roast chx, asparagus and some other veggie.





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Good Morning!


I got up early and knocked out all my chores for today.



house tidy and floors vacuumed

dishwasher unloaded and everything put away

wiped down windows and raised shades

aired out the house

prepped everything for dinner


Headed out for some exercise and to wash my car and spruce it up.


Have a great day everyone! :)


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Hi.  I still don't seem to be over all that was dragging me down over the last couple weeks.  Want to sleep today away, but people are waiting for stuff.


I got the kids up and out on time, so yay them, they got to stand waiting in the cold while the school bus stood across the street watching them shiver.  (Bad mom, I didn't make sure they had leggings for today, so they probably found out what it is to have cold legs.)


Cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms and a little clutter.  Thought about cleaning more stuff.  Took a nap instead.  :P


Had to discuss work a couple times before my coffee.  May need several days to recover from that.  :P


I'm not sure why it's snowing over here.  I'm not sure why it's Monday for that matter.


I hope to get lots of work done once I get on a roll.


The kids have swim team and gymnastics this evening.  I am hoping to make them do a little math review also.  Want to finish up some workbooks so we can throw them out and start some new ones.  The kids will be thrilled.

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One load of laundry folded and put away

Load #1 (for today) in the washing machine and then the dryer

Load #2 in the washing machine.

Meds sorted for the week

Human care done

Medical care done

Pet care done

Dd off to babysit.  She took a phonics game with her.

Ds is working on his history paper. (He doesn't get break since we are trying to get him graduated.)


OK - now to tackle more laundry. 


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