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Instant Pots, again -- if you have one, can you chime in?

Halftime Hope

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So I've done a lot of reading, and I can't find an answer to one of my questions:


With the IP Smart, does your Bluetooth device need to stay within 30 feet of the pot to send it directions as the script runs, or does your Bluetooth app "upload" the script, and then you can take the Bluetooth device with you, out of range of the pot.  (My only device would be my phone, and it would go to work with me.)  Ideally, I could program it with the Bluetooth, delay start the program mid-afternoon, and have more options than just the pre-programmed "modes" on the pot itself.


I often cook stews, soups, and chili in an 8 quart SS stock pot, and I have both a 4.5 and a 5 qt. dutch oven that I often do roasts in. (When cooking in bulk, I'll use both the dutch ovens in the oven at the same time.)


However, we are transitioning to being a two adult family, which means I may not need the cooking capacity I used to need, unless it's to cook in large quantities all the time so I don't have to cook as often.  I could *really* enjoy that!


I can't decide whether to buy the 6 qt SMART or the new 8 qt DUO, partly because I don't know how important the programmability is for really tasty food.  (Dh is a picky eater since his open heart surgery.  If this continues, I may trade him in.  :smilielol5: ) 


Can anyone with experience cooking in the IP help? 


Thanks a million!






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I'm not sure I can help but I'll try.  I have lots of experience with the IP but not bluetooth.  My understanding is you should be able to access the bluetooth feature from out-of-range (I hope someone else will confirm).


I have the LUX60 6 in 1 (6 qt).  I only use the IP a few different ways, primarily rice, beans, soup and stews.  But it has made it so much easier to do rice and beans, perfectly every time, that even if that's the only way I ever use it, it would be worth it and I would buy again, if necessary.  


I would love a larger capacity IP.  I decided the bluetooth was not something I would need very often and I was right.  I'm perfectly happy without that feature.  I'd choose the 8 qt, no question.  

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I have the 6 qt Duo and not the smart one. It wasn't worth the upgrade to me. If I understand correctly, you do have to be within a certain range for it work. I couldn't find a link to verify this though. You also need an iPhone as it wasn't working properly with android, the last time I checked.


So far, the 6 qt has been plenty big enough for us - mostly 5 at home currently. The 8 qt seems huge and you may not need one that big if your family is getting smaller for everyday cooking.


I use my Instant Pot daily. Sometimes multiple times.

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