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Are you required to send all ACT scores to colleges?

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DD has been taking the ACT as her end of year exam since 8th grade.  She was advised to do this by our annual test proctor because she kept testing out of his material.  Our state accepts the ACT as the end of year exam but not the SAT.  The ACT separates all test dates into different reports and you must pay for every single report.  I hate to pay all of this money for tests since 8th grade.  Also, she recently sat through the test administration from H@LL and we have mentally scratched that exam.  I tried to cancel the score before it was graded and they said we couldn't :cursing:  I won't get into details but so many things went wrong on test day that should NOT have happened in any standardized exam.  Period. 


So, if DD releases all SAT exam scores, can she just submit some of her ACT exam scores?    I would like to avoid the expense of all of the ACT reports.

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The answer will depend on the college.  The vast majority of colleges let you choose which scores to send, so you would not even have to send in an ACT score at all if an SAT score was higher.  Some schools require that all scores must be submitted.  The college websites will state the requirements.

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Most schools only need to see one score.


However, several schools want to see ALL of the scores (and this includes AP, SAT IIs, SATs, and ACTs). It'll be listed clearly in their requirements. Of the schools that want to see ALL of the scores, some will say that they will "only consider" the top score, some will super-score the scores, and others take all the scores into consideration.


With that said, I'd probably call admittance at the time of application and ask if they really need to see an ACT Score from 8th grade... that might be a bit distant for their interest level.

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