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Preview Day - opinions?

Melissa B

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My daughter just received an email this week. She is required to register for and attend a Preview Day. It is when she will register, etc.

The cost for her is $200. It includes a mandatory overnight stay in the dorms.


Family members are highly encouraged to attend. I am reading this as NOT required. It will cost me $125 to attend (no dorm stay.)

I would like to decline, but before I do, is there any pressing reason for me to attend?


The university is local. My dd will be living at home. She already attends this university for DE and knows it like the back of her hand. As we live local and the university is the center of the town, we are on campus almost weekly and know it nearly as well. I do not want to devote two days and $125 to walking about campus being told things I already know and eating their (less than stellar) cafeteria food. My daughter is indifferent. She isn't any too excited about it herself. She has already slept in the dorms assigned, eaten the cafeteria food, and walked all of campus. But, she does want to get registered for fall as soon as possible so that she can arrange a fall job that works around her school schedule.


I've never been to a preview day. I wasn't required to attend one at my own college. Is there any reason I should consider spending the money and going to this one?

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Wow -- $125 for you, on top of the $200 for DD, seems very steep to me!


But no, I don't think you'll miss anything crucial by not attending. A lot of students attend without a parent there, so your DD would not be the only one.


Typically, the concurrent sessions for the parents have info on financial aid and payments, campus life activities and opportunities open to the students, health/mental health services on campus, the "parent portal" info to sign-up for access to regular parent info and supports from the college website or email newsletter, how to encourage your student and help your student transition, Q&A time, etc.

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