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Annoying sibling of a kid iwho's in my son's CC Essentials class.......

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There's this 3rd grader kid who is in my child's CC Essentials class who sits in there with his mother and 4th grade sister.   To us moms and to the tutor, it looks as though the mother is trying to get him in for a free class because he sits AT THE TABLE with all of us (even though we could REALLY use the additional room that his absence would allow).    He participates way too much to be "just in there because he's sitting with his mother" and "can't go anywhere else".      He's always piping up and interrupting and he's getting on my and everyone's last nerve.   When the tutor calls on one of the student's to answer a question, he OFTEN raises his hand and sometimes just blabs out an answer (rarely accurate, but still answers and interrupts).  It wouldn't be so annoying but I pay around $500 for my kid to be in the class as do all the other moms.   It makes for a very awkward situation.  The tutor tries to ignore him but the mother just allows it all.


Any suggestions?         Is this even allowed by CC?



Mini-Resentment Budding,




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Talk to the tutor. The tutor should be able to talk to the parent about her child. I feel sorry for the child. He is being placed in the room and then he can't actually be a student. What is happening isn't fair to the other students/parents and it isn't fair to him either. It seems he wants to learn. That's just sad and frustrating all the way around.

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I was an Essentials tutor at two different campuses, and neither director allowed that. Both campuses had afternoon programs for a small fee, or you were expected to make other arrangements.

Agree. Talk to the director if necessary. Younger siblings were never allowed in our essentials class, but there was an alternative early grammar sort of class/play group option. (For a fee, of course...)

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