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In desperate need of prayer for mentally ill college student.

dirty ethel rackham

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I will include your DS in my prayers.  I believe, if he is going to succeed, that he must have a Therapist, in the city his school is located in, that he likes and that he trusts.  In believe that if he wants to be successful and close to "normal" and to reduce the considerable stress he is under, he will need to distance himself from things like "Black Lives Matter" and other groups he is passionate about.  He will need to concentrate on studying, getting daily exercise, taking his medication as prescribed and eating and sleeping well.  I have P.T.S.D. and that gives me a "bond" with others who have P.T.S.D.  Possibly if he can get into Group Therapy or some other kind of "Support Group", that will be helpful to him.  GL to him!

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Dh met with the dean of students while K was in a counseling session and they conferenced me in by phone.  Things are not good at all.  We have been advised to extend K's medical leave and take them home, which is what dh is doing today. K is really unstable.  Paranoid and suicidal. 


Apparently there was an issue with another student last fall before we withdrew for a medical leave.  K has accused this student of being trans-phobic and hostile.  This student has accused K of being anti-Semitic and of harassing her.  The police and DA are involved with actions against K.  I don't know what to believe because this is the first we have heard of this.  I am sick to my stomach.  This is not the K I know, but apparently I don't know a lot of things.


When K gets home, I will take them to the local mental health center for a screening.  I don't know if they will recommend inpatient or if they have an intensive outpatient program like they did for adolescents.  Back on the roller coaster.  Maybe I need to accept that there really is no getting off.  


I appreciate your continued prayers.  I don't believe that K would have so readily agreed  to come home without that spiritual protection (despite K's vehement atheism.) 



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I am so sorry. Sending hugs and continued prayers for all of you.


Mental illness can take our loved ones and transform them into unrecognizable caricatures of themselves, it is horrible and painful to watch and clearly even more painful for the ones stuck in what I often picture as a black box into which only distorted glimpses of reality can find their way.

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