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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Laundry (dh came home from Croatia and Bulgaria with a bit).

School (oversee work, continue efforts on planning & research...may have nailed down English for all grades, finally!)

Clean Stairs, Main Floor, 3 Bathrooms

Track Pasta Dinner

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Yesterday we had a busy day, but we were out most of the day.


Today is stay at home (mostly!) and hit the books day!


Breakfast school

Latin (we missed yesterday so we need to double up today)

Chemistry for 17 yo

Physical science and math for 14 yo

history reading

regular reading

Physical trainer for 17 yo

take a walk (me and 14 yo)

I never did get to job hunting with 17 yo so we do have to do that today.

20 yo has math exam tonight for his cc course.


Latin prep

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Kitty litter

Something from spring cleaning list   Skipped in favor of school stuff for next year.

Make dinner.

Check with DH about summer program.

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Sloooow school day here.

Teaching math to Ds is so hard because he doesn't listen or follow directions, then he is frustrated because the answer is wrong.

Math is just very slow to settle into his brain. Lots and lots and lots and lots of repetition. 


On days like this, I am so thankful that Dd is diligent and fairly independent! 


I was hoping for a get-er-done day with fun things in the afternoon, but I think we will be doing school well into the afternoon today. Then a quick trip to the grocery for dinner items.



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Human care done

pet care done

medical care half done - I need to get my shots ready and give those to myself in a minute

discussed the economics of the Soviet Union and China with ds as he's grappling with a paper

made plans to take a walk with my neighbor and her disabled dog and me and my disabled dog in a couple of hours  It will be a very slow walk.

dd is doing test prep

procrastinated by watching a TED talk on procrastination with dd. 

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Hi guys.  I have some transactions and reports I need to do today, and the time keeps creeping up on me.  This business of having to drop everything to go get the kids at 2:something isn't working well.  Glad spring break is almost over.


I did sleep pretty well last night.


Got the kids up & out.

Cleaned the kitchen.

Fed the critters.

Started work.


Need to:

Finish some work.

Get the kids.

Give the kids some work.  Make them clean up the house?  (Very messy with Easter stuff everywhere.)

More work, and a camp form that is due today.

Hopefully do family TKD?

Might teach the kids to cook spaghetti - we'll see how it goes.



Kids to bed.

More work.

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Meghan had literature and grammar/writing today.

We ate pizza for lunch, mine was double jalapeno.

Cleaned the bathrooms, did a load of laundry, and loaded the dishwasher.


Still to do:


Empty bookshelf in my room and move it into the classroom.

Clean fridge, rearrange pantry.

P/u dining room--hubby and Meg have stuff strewn all over it.

fix the curtain in the living room, it is on the curtain rod wrong.

Vacuum house, mop kitchen and bathrooms.

Pizza, salad and fruit tonight.

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School done. Grocery done.

Kids are playing with neighbors. 


Dinner is tacos. 

Working on tomorrow's list.  ;)

And on our late spring/summer calendar.

And working on the budget - several unexpected expenses this month.  :huh:

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One load of laundry folded and put away

Took a walk with two disabled dogs.  Libby barely made it down one block and back, but she did it.

Lunch done


The Styrofoam  recycling place was surprisingly busy.  It was amazingly hard to find too. 


Also - the food bank drop off was amazingly hard to find and no one could tell me where it was.  I actually found that one by accident. 


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