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What to do after AAR4?


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My son, who just turned 6, is about to start AAR4. He's a natural reader, and for him AAR has been more about learning phonics rules and a smattering of LA concepts than learning to read (he always zips through the fluency sheets with no issues). He loves AAR (which is one of the big reasons we're using it), but I'm wondering what to do once we finish Level 4, probably over the summer, when we'd start his "1st grade" year. 


MCT Level 1 is looking promising from a LA standpoint. My son spends extended periods reading independently, but still loves to be read to, so it seems like it would be a good fit unless the concepts would be over his head. I'm also wondering about a writing program and how much writing we should be doing. His reading is advanced, but as far as writing, we're doing light copywork and starting to compose sentences (somewhat reluctantly). His handwriting skills are a work in progress. We might do AAS for spelling (his lack of spelling knowledge may be part of his writing reluctance, since he has a perfectionist streak), but I'm thinking it might be good to find a way to encourage him to start writing things down (he enjoys telling stories and making drawings to illustrate them).


Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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Check out Spelling Workout for spelling. It has a reading component to it.


As for phonics, you don't really need anything after AAR4. For L.A. you could do something like the "Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing", or CLE LA and/or Reading. Go through the Mensa Kids Excellence in Reading list.


We did AAR and now do CLE LA (minus the spelling and penmanship as I prefer Zaner-Bloser). It's a perfect fit for us. We also do Writing With Ease. My son was a reluctant writer as well in the beginning but as his spelling knowledge has increased, his writing has gotten much better.

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