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Need great hands on- low prep suppliment


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2 days a week I have 3 extra  homeschool children for small group lessons (AKA childcare). Their mom and are very similar in our hs styles and these kids have homeschooled with us off and on for the past 4 years. Currently, we are doing BYFIAR one day a week but I am not loving how it's working.I don't have to cover any particular subjects -our objectives are collaboration and hands-on activities. I would like to find something that is laid out well so that I can pretty much open and go. It should be something that fosters collaboration, something they work on as a group or that they can all work on at the same time while chatting and discussing. Not at all essential but, in an ideal world it would come with ALL the materials. 


Ideas I have considered:


Unit studies based on scouting badges or the Dangerous Book for Boys/ Daring Book for Girls

Working our way through Reinvent the Wheel (but I would have to purchase and gather a lot of materials each week)

Groovy Lab in a box (prime candidate)


Altogether, there are 7 kids 13, 11,11,9,8,5 and 3  (the 13-year-old and 3-year-old may not participate much). What else should I be looking into?


ETA clarity 


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