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What have been your best product discoveries (not homeschool related, lol)?

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A few of mine:


Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer


Revlon Colorsilk -- cheap AND gentle AND no ammonia


Physicians Formula Mineral Wear


Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner


Melatonin for autism spectrum children (discussed with dr before trying and it was a miracle for us!)


Travelon Expandable 3-Compartment Shoulder Bag


Leslie Sansone -- Walk Away the Pounds




Keen shoes


Ticonderoga pencils


I'm sure there are more, but those come to mind quickly.



Funny. Most of them I read about here! :lol:

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Are those pencils *really* worth it?


Here are my favs:

Bac-Out Enzyme Cleaner by Biokleen (this stuff actually kills bugs in seconds...my kids and I do timed trials on various insects in our home...even spiders). Great for natural bathroom cleaning.


Lice R Gone enzyme shampoo (man, what's up with me and enzymes..LOL) Great stuff to have on hand for preventing or attacking lice. After our one lice episode, I will never be unprepared again.


Products by Citra-Solve (Citradish dishwasher powder and Ultra Citradish for manual dishwashing). This stuff beats the other natural products.


That's all I can think of right now..



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Our refurbished Mac (thanks to Diedre in GA)


Learning about the stock market (thanks to Elaine)


the many uses of baking soda and vinegar


that citrus cleaning powder for the dishwasher


an ING direct account (thanks to someone on this board!)

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In the past year or so:


Crocs shoes


Trader Joe's Tingle Shampoo (within the past week, it's new!)


Method cleaning products (household and laundry)


and I just had my very first slice of my own home-made artisan bread :drool: ... I think it may be my very most favorite recent thing!!


Guess I better start using and counting the Wii Fit among my favorites, if I'm going to be making this bread everyday!!

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Are those pencils *really* worth it?




OMG for me, yes they are worth every penny. The fat preschool pencils they make are not, unless I'm using the included sharpener WAY wrong.


How about unusual uses for common products?


dental floss: use for slicing cinnamon roll dough--place floss beneath rolled-up dough, pick up ends, cross over the top and pull in opposite directions. Slices perfect cinnamon rolls! Place on pan for baking. I think I thought of this one myself.



I use sewing thread for this, dental floss is expensive.

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LOL I try to never post on old threads, but I'll post on this one.


The Furminator. We have an insane number of animals, and it keeps the fur level reasonable. It would be worthwhile if we only ever used it when everyone sheds out for the season. Best pet brush ever.

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Great old thread!


My favorites:


Magnetic bookmarks so that little ones can't disrupt school with clumsy fingers

A long handled dust pan which takes all the stooping and bending out of sweeping

Kaboom automatic toilet cleaner - no more rust rings!

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Definitely an old thread, but yes, worth posting on...


For "things":


- Keens (sandals)

- Finish Quantum Dishwashing cubes (we almost ditched our dishwasher!)

- Vasque Hiking boots (but I'm afraid they don't make them anymore as I can't find replacements for my 2005 "finally worn out with practically daily wear" pair)


For movies/TV shows (without recommendations for these I doubt we'd have watched them and they are worth watching (for us):


Temple Grandin

Gifted Hands (book and movie)

Big Bang Theory

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I love Mrs. Meyer's cleaning spray. It makes me happy.


Yankee Candles also make me happy.


Essential oils also make me happy. I have been happy with all of the different essential oil companies I've tried, I'm not picky.


(I think I have a smell thing going on)


I love my Timex watch http://www.amazon.com/Timex-Womens-T5J151-Sports-Digital/dp/B000H6AQ0Q/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1369066558&sr=8-11&keywords=timex+watch


And I use my Patagonia purse every day (I have pink), but it was especially handy on vacation. http://www.rei.com/product/818246/patagonia-atom-sling-daypack


What do you all use argon oil for?

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Mine are the same as some others.


Castille soap (I save a few bucks and usually get the Dr. Woods over the Dr. Bronners *shrug*)


Vinegar as laundry rinse.


Coconut oil! Good stuff in the kitchen. Cheap processed stuff in the bathroom. Makes my hair awesome.


Method stuff is good. I use their laundry soap and their bathroom cleaner.


My reusable Rubbermaid swiffer (that I use castille soap in)


Magic erasers. How did we clean walls before them?


Ez. 4:9 7-grain bread.

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I also really :001_wub: my set of four mixing bowls (with lids) from Costco.


Okay, now I am gladI bumped it. I have been debating those bowls. :)




Cold process coffee

Coffee flavor oils at Cash and Carry because they're cheap :D

Hanna Anderson underpants for my picky, picky child

GOOD wool socks


Someone please tell me if your Sonicare tooth brush falls in this group.

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Container Store storage boxes.

-- they are straight sided, so hold more than those with sloping sides

-- clear tops to see through

-- made of very clear plastic, not the milky colored material you sometimes see

-- modular, so they stack well


Mini food storage boxes from Container Store

-- they come in various sizes and are great for small parts


Spice measuring spoons (fit in spice jar)


IKEA kitchen equipment -- spatulas, whisks, cutting boards, dish brushes. These are so inexpensive that you can replace often & have fresh new stuff.


Cuisinart springform cake pan -- just got this. It's heavy, so cakes cook evenly. I also like the heavy Cuisinart muffin tins.

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Pampered Chef scrapers (spatulas)



Oh, yes, I forgot - my Pampered Chef mango slicer! So worth the $16 or so I paid for it.


Worth it only because I have a mango tree in my backyard, and I have an utter lack of patience.

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- Vasque Hiking boots (but I'm afraid they don't make them anymore as I can't find replacements for my 2005 "finally worn out with practically daily wear" pair)




I loved my Vasques too. Bizarrely, my new favourite boots are by Lands' End: 17 pounds on sale.



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Someone please tell me if your Sonicare tooth brush falls in this group.


I've had a couple of electric toothbrushes. I don't care about which brand, but will NEVER go back to a regular toothbrush. Electric ones are great!



- Crest Whitestrips

- Magic Erasers

- Neato robotic vacuum (bought after yet another Roomba died on me)

- iPhone and iPad

- Sleep Number bed

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Anything Mac


Anything IKEA


Loreal Double Extend mascara (red and white one)


Burt's Bees chapstick


Burt's Bees Multipurpose Ointment


Jill Miller Yoga Tune Up DVDs and Hi Bounce rubber balls


Foam rollers for massage


Sadie Bellydance DVDs


My half-dome foam roller for hamstring stretches


Clover bamboo knitting needles and Treliske organic merino yarn


Natural Calm magnesium


Sticky tack. I use it for everything.

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