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Eureka Moment -- Summer School Math and MM plan?


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We use SM Standards, and I have it all levels 1-5.


I was planning on the kids (3rd and 4th) doing math 5 days a week over the summer for 30-45 min, and I was trying to find an easy way to do this.




 #1: Continue practice with long division, column multiplication, and word problems. Should help reinforce loose math facts.


#2: Cement what they know now really well, and move them a little forward without doing full SM lessons.


I was not looking forward to printing off a ton a things and searching them down, nor did I want to use our SM workbooks and IP's, or create it all myself - :scared:


Then I thought, "Hey why not grab the Lt Blue Math Mammoth (yes big sale ends this week right . . ) and then I could print what I want and assign whatever problems I want to. !"


I've heard there are a ton of problems on a page, but we are use to that with a supplement we use already so it doesn't bother them to just do the ones I've circled or starred.


Ok I admit, I've always wanted to try MM. Some days I don't want to read the HIG's and do all that.


Who knows maybe we'll love it and I won't do SM in the fall. Doubt it but who knows right?


I think I'd get the CD as keeping track of a ton of downloads doesn't sound fun and my PC isn't doing very well.


Am I nuts or is this a totally awesome thought?


Could it really be that easy?


Other thoughts or recs?












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I think it's great! Then again, I haven't used Singapore, so my opinion might be terrible. We're MM users because I knew that juggling multiple books would overwhelm me (I get as much curriculum as possible in pdf form because book juggling is a real productivity/motivation killer for me -- I have no idea why). I chose MM because it was so easy to implement, and my kids have never mentioned anything about the whole visual clutter thing that can be a frequent MM criticism. MM has a lot of things going for it, not least of which the ease with which it is implemented. I think it's a perfect summer choice. 

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I love the ease of using MM - so simple and clear. I get each book printed and spiral-bound. I glance over the book at the beginning of each week and decide how many/which pages I want to cover and then it's easy to just do them as we go, with the built-in instruction. The kids retain it well and I've found it easy to use through pregnancy and newborn... that's a high recommendation! :)

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