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Looking for grammar resource for morning time - 3rd & 5th grade

Dulce Domem

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Okay - I already tried to post this once and then lost my post.  Agh!  


I am looking for a resource to use in our morning time next year with what will be 3rd & 5th grade boys  (one of each).  Neither one has had much formal grammar (we are pretty close to Charlotte Mason purists).  I am wanting to incorporate short grammar lessons into morning time - basic parts of speech, simple sentence diagramming, and basic use of the rules which govern our use of the English language - particularly when written.  Similar to what Cindy Rollins used to do when she diagrammed sentences in her morning time - just a simple thing that takes just a few minutes, but over time created a strong foundation.


So, is there some amazing resource that would lend itself well to this type of setup?  Or would I be best served just getting a grammar book and muddling it into short lessons myself?  And any recommendations for a well laid out book on general grammar?



I'm annoyed now because my first post was so much more well-worded, but I'm too irritated that it got lost to think it out that well again.  I hope you still get the gist of what I'm asking!   :lol:

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Okay - I am SO sorry folks - seems something is glitchy and now I have THREE posts about the same thing.  My missing post appeared 10 minutes later - twice!  I would go and delete some or edit the titles at least, but have no clue how to do that.  So sorry I'm plugging up the feed here!  

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