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Veritas Explorers to 1815 activities


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Can anyone point me to resources that flesh this curriculum out?  Dd finds the Veritas Press cards and worksheets dry and boring.  I've done this time period several times with other dc, so I already have great lists of books that I love to go along with the year.  What I need are lots of hands-on activites, visual aids, and projects for my 7th grader (who is also dyslexic--very slow reader, terrible speller, no grammar skills but actually likes writing as long as some creative element is involved.)


I also have SOTW vol. 3 that I'll probably be supplementing quite a bit with.  Any blogs or websites that might help me make this time period interesting for her? 



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I guess from the lack of responses here that my topic is too broad.  How about any ideas for explorers and navigation or 13 colonies?  Hands-on, notebook pages, etc?  Surely someone has done this time period with their dc and blogged about it?  Thanks everyone.


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