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Derek Owens Physics Student Workbooks - anybody use them?

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I am thinking of purchasing the Physics Semester 1 and/or 2 Student Workbooks for supplemental problems - which chapters from below does 


Semester 1 Workbook cover?

Semester 2 Workbook cover?


update I think I found the answer to the above two questions.

Semester 2  starts with Section 7.1: Uniform Circular Motion


Can anyone answer this:

For those that have used it do you recommend these workbooks?

Any "honors" type problems etc?


thank you



DO Physics


Course Outline
These topics comprise the material normally taught in a high school Physics course.
Chapter 1: Introduction
What is Physics? What is a scientific theory? Units of measurement; Scientific Notation; Converting Units; Measurement; Significant Figures
Chapter 2: Motion in One Dimension
Position and Displacement; Speed and Velocity; Vectors and Scalars; Reference Frames; Graphing Position versus Time; Instantaneous Velocity; Acceleration; Equations for Accelerated Motion; Velocity versus Time Graphs; Acceleration versus Time Graphs; Falling Bodies, Galileo; Terminal Velocity
Chapter 3: Motion in Two Dimensions
Vectors and Vector Math; Relative Velocity; Basic Trigonometry; Resolving a Vector into Components; Projectile Motion
Chapter 4: Newton's Laws
Force; The Law of Inertia; Mass; Newton's Second Law; The Law of Action and Reaction; Weight; Friction;
Chapter 5: Work and Energy
Work Kinetic Energy; Potential Energy; The Law of Conservation of Energy; Power
Chapter 6: Momentum
Linear Momentum; The Law of Conservation of Momentum; Angular Momentum
Chapter 7: Circular Motion
Uniform Circular Motion; Centripetal Acceleration and Centripetal Force; Applications of Circular Motion
Chapter 8: Gravity
Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation; Gravity Near the Earth's Surface; Satellites and Weightlessness, Circular Orbits; Geosynchronous Orbits; Theories of Planetary Orbits
Chapter 9: Temperature and Heat
Atoms; Temperature; Pressure; Thermal Expansion; The Gas Laws; Absolute Zero; The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat; Specific Heat; Entropy
Chapter 10: Waves and Wave Motion
Oscillations; Resonance; Interference, Standing Waves; The Equation for Wave Motion; Sound Waves; The Doppler Effect; Shock Waves and the Sonic Boom; The Doppler Effect with Light Waves; Reflection; Refraction, Snell's Law; Lenses
Chapter 11: Optics
Reflection; Refraction, Snell's Law; Lenses
Chapter 12: Electricity
Static Electricity; Conductors and Insulators; Lightning; Coulomb's Law; The Electric Field, Michael Faraday; Electric Field Lines; Electric Potential and Potential Difference; Simple Circuits; Capacitors
Chapter 13: Electric Circuits
The Electric Battery; Electric Current; Ohm's Law; Electrical Resistance; Electric Power; Alternating Current; Series and Parallel Circuits; Magnetism; Electric Motors; Power Generation

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We use them with the course. They are not complete  as they are meant to be used when watching the DO Physics videos for note-taking.


The problems in them are not 'honors.' The honors problems are contained in the homework (which is not in the notebooks).

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I recommend them as part of the full course. If registered for the course, you may also download these workbooks, printing the sections as you need them. We opted for the pre-printed workbooks from the Lulu store for convenience.


Regarding problems, agreeing with what Root Ann said.

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