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Tell me about The Rainbow Science Curriculum, please

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I am still researching science and my dd seems to prefer this out of the samples I have shown her.


In the interest of keeping costs down, I would love to buy a used copy of the textbook, but don't know how many editions there are floating around. What is the most recent copyright date?


If you have used it, did you need to add anything to it? What is your overall opinion?


Thanks for your help!

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My two kids, ages 12 and 15, are doing Rainbow Science together.   What sold me on it are the old reviews, particularly the ones of people whose kids have went off to college and did well in a STEM field--not that this curriculum will necessarily prepare a child for that but that this is enough at this level if the child were so inclined later.  This is only our second year homeschooling and last year was some trial and error with science but this year it's getting done.  It's very easy to implement so that is a big bonus for me.  They read and outline two short chapters a week, and then there is a lab. The reading is really light and short so I guess it just depends on what you are looking for.   I think my youngest is really getting something out of it but this is a subject in which he excels.  I got everything (text, lab manual, teachers helper) at different times from Ebay and they all worked together so I think there is just the one version.  The text covers two years (year one is physical science/chemistry and year two is biology/applications), and then you need a new lab book each year and the supplies. I'm on the fence about doing it next year with my 12 yo just because he's really into astronomy, and I may let him do more interest led learning while he still can.  I am planning to keep with it for my 15 yo and supplement to make it more for high school.


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My youngest does Rainbow science through his homeschool co-op (this year is physics/chemistry).  It is open to 5-8th graders.  He loves it, and has retained a lot.  His teacher at co-op does the lab with them, and then he is assigned 2-3 sections per week.  He has to answer the questions and write out all the bold terms in each section.  He needs very little from me.  He talks about what he is learning constantly, too.


I bought my book used.  The copyright is 1998.  We haven't had a problem with that being a wrong edition or anything. 

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Thank you for replying. I ordered a couple of used copies of the books so Joy and I can look through it together before we make a final decision.


Do you know if there is a list of all the components in their supply kits somewhere? We already have a lot of science supplies (my dad was a chemist and passed on a lot of his 'toys' when he retired) and I don't want to buy things we already have.

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We used year 1 last year. The readings are really short and sometimes could use more fleshing out. The experiments are the meat of the program. (It was really nice to just have the big box and know I really didn't need to fish around for other stuff to use.)


Some kids who already have a solid science background might consider it too easy. We found it just right for my older kid and too much for my next oldest. Your mileage may vary.

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