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Does such an app exist?


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I want to start a little homeschool co-op where parents would offer to host/teach various short-term classes. In the past when I've done this informally, a couple parents are doing the lion's share of the work, most are willing to contribute here and there, and some are content to just bring their kids without helping at all.


I'm currently in a babysitting co-op that works well because we exchange paper tickets as payment for sitting. You have to contribute in order to have the "money" to have your kids watched.


So here's my question- I'd like to do a similar system for my homeschool co-op, but I'd like to keep track of the "payments" (tickets, points, whatever) electronically rather than messing around with paper tickets. Is there an app where multiple users can see the names of everyone in the group and how much of whatever everyone has, and hopefully also each user can "pay" another and it would be deducted from their own total?



I did find an app that keeps track of points players earn while playing a game together, but it's not really what I'm looking for. I think I'd have to have that on my phone and keep track of everyone's points myself rather than it happening automatically. I also found an app for a babysitting co-op but looks like it's not actually available anymore. Any ideas?

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In case anybody else is looking for one, just found something that might be suitable: TimesFree: Babysitters, Dog Walkers and More for Free by TimesFree Incorporated



I don't think I'll even use most of the functionality, but it does have the ability for users to just send points back and forth and that's all I really wanted.

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