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My daughter has to do a 200 or less word biography to go into the local graduation program.  The last sentence, she has

She’d like to thank her mother for always supporting her, and her father for the amazing personality she has.


This sounds very pretentious.

My husband read through it and added the red and thinks we should change it.  Here's my problem, she didn't even want to say anything about her dad.  She has butted heads with him for a long time and he's always told her she should get married and have babies and not really been as supportive of her going to school.  Which in turn, has made her want less to get married and have babies and more determined than ever to get a good job and have a career.  So what should I have her put at the end.  SI really don't want her to thank just me, but what?  BTW, we are married and she sees a loving marriage, but just hasn't seen all the good things in her dad over the years as well.  I'm hoping this changes some day. 

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How about .... "and her father for all of his contributions over the years."


The word "contributions" is very non specific, so she can interpret it however she wants in her mind, but it still sounds nice for the program.


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