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Outdoor party help, please?

Chris in VA

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Dd is turning 16 and we are having about 10-15 kids over (IDK how many will show) from about 6-9pm.

She'd like to have it be very easy-going, sort of what she does in youth group on nights they are just hanging out. So we will drag over the cornhole game from the church (we live on the grounds), and set up a fire pit with camp chairs where everyone can sit. We have a walkout basement leading directly into the yard, so we will probably just keep that open, and keep food inside (or maybe outside, too? what do you think?). In the basement are a pool table (junky, but they still like to play), a table and chairs, and a couch area, so if it rains, we will just be there.


Can you help me think thru this? I am really not a party person. We were going to grill out, and put out chips and dip type stuff. We have a patio that is on an upper level--house is on a hill, so the first floor is the second floor if you are in the backyard. We will probably put food there, too.


We need things to do. So, cornhole, and...? Should we put a table outside for Spoons or Apples to Apples? Badmitton? I don't think she likes volleyball much. How do we decorate? We thought of Christmas lights around the patio--it won't be dark until 8:30ish, so maybe wrap streamers around the trees?


There won't be so many teens that the energy will be super high, and I'm afraid it'll be boring.


She likes country music--should we make up a mix and have it playing?


Throw me some suggestions please!

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Teens are easy; just provide food and drinks - they will entertain themselves.

They do not require special activities or decorations.

If you want to decorate, ask your DD what she wants, give her the stuff, and have her and friends set up. At 16, they can run their own parties.


I would set up food in one main area only. If they want food elsewhere, trust me: they will carry the stuff wherever they want it.


There won't be so many teens that the energy will be super high, and I'm afraid it'll be boring.


I have never seen any of my teens bored in the company of their friends - whether they hang out with just one or two friends, or in a group of 10.

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Thanks for the reassurances!

Some of the teens don't know each other--they are two groups, school friends and church friends. Dd thought maybe some optional games would help them mix? Not in a "now it's time to do this" kind of way, just leaving things set up.

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